Penguin dancing with hankies

Sheffield IVFDF 2022

25th – 27th February

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Penguin dancing with hankies
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A full programme of workshops in many different dance styles; a Display Ceilidh and a Morris Tour on the Saturday afternoons; and a full programme of evening social dances!

We will announce our artists over Autumn 2021; keep an eye on our updates page, mailing list and social media for updates! We plan to release the workshops programme in early February 2022.

We can tell you that the schedule will look something like this:






Ceilidh is a traditional British social folk dance. The word "ceilidh" is from Gaelic and many ceilidh dances originate from Ireland or Scotland, but there is also a tradition of English ceilidh and barn dances.

Contra is a traditional American social folk dance; similar to ceilidh, but with an emphasis on flowing movements and continuous momentum. Where the energy in ceilidh is largely "bouncy" and vertical, the energy in contra is more horizontal, with figures flowing into one another.

Playford is English Country Dancing; the kind of dances that were danced at balls in Jane Austen's time.

Scottish Country Dance is the traditional Scottish Country Dancing, very popular worldwide.

DANCE:SOCIAL - a social dance that combines Indian and English dance styles

All of these styles of dances have a caller, meaning that the dances will be walked through before the music starts, and prompts will be called during the dance - so it's completely possible to join in if you've never done it before!

Bal is a shortening of balfolk, a word used to refer to traditional dances from North-Western Europe. Many of them are couple dances, but there will be group dances also. Unlike ceilidh, contra, Playford and Scottish Country Dance, Bal is not called or taught; however, there are workshops on the Saturday teaching the dances, and there will be many friendly folks willing to show you on the fly; many of the dances are easy to pick up and very open to improvisation.

Late Night Scratch Dancing is when the floor is handed over to you! Depending on the musicians, dancers and callers present, any and all the above styles may be danced! There are usually multiple spaces available for late night dancing, so if one of the spaces isn't dancing your preferred style, you can go to the other one. Please be nice to our stewards and the SU security and make sure you vacate the late night dancing area by 1:45am!

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